Gallo's Greats: Have Heart

Many albums that I love are celebrating anniversaries this year, some older than others. These next few weeks I will review some of my favorites and share my love for all kinds of music. 

The now defunct Have Heart was formed in 2002 by vocalist Patrick Flynn, guitarist Ryan Hudon, and bassist Ryan Briggs. After releasing a demo in November 2003, the trio was slowly climbing the ranks within the Boston hardcore scene. By 2005, they signed to a bigger label and added drummer Shawn Costa alongside guitarist Kei Yasui. Their first EP titled “The Things We Carry” was released in 2006, cementing Have Heart into the center of not only Boston hardcore, but the entire hardcore scene.

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U92 Will Celebrate World College Radio Day

Friday, October 6, 2023 is World College Radio Day. College radio stations play an important role in students’ lives. World College Radio Day celebrates the importance and impact college radio stations have on students and their education.

U92 has played an important role at West Virginia University since 1982, offering a positive environment to grow and learn skills, while providing entertainment on air and off to WVU students. To celebrate this World College Radio Day, the station will have some special programming on Friday, Oct. 6, and Saturday, Oct. 7.

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U92 Broadcasts WVU's Backyard Brawl Victory

An exciting Backyard Brawl win for the Mountaineers on September 16, 2023 with an ending score of 17-6 in favor of WVU. An even greater feat for U92, as it was the first broadcast of the WVU-Pitt football game on the station in the 106-year rivalry. 

The broadcast featured Senior, Tannor Lambert on play-by-play and Junior, Tanner Mountz on color, with the pre/half/post covered by Jonathon Hamilton, Brian McQuillen, and Quinn Robie.

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WVU vs. Pittsburgh

Morgantown, W.Va. (Sep. 5, 2023) - U92 The Moose will be broadcasting the University of Pittsburgh at WVU football game on Sep. 16, 2023 at 7:30 PM.

WVU-Pittsburgh has the distinction of being the first college football game ever broadcast on radio. The first game broadcast was in 1921. 

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WVU vs. Duquesne football on U92

Morgantown, WV (Aug. 31, 2023) - U92 The Moose will be broadcasting the Duquesne at WVU football game on Sep. 9, 2023 at 6:00 PM.

Founded in 1982, U92 is currently led by student General Manager Aneissa Gallo, a sophomore SAM major from New Jersey. She works closely with Tannor Lambert, the 2023-24 sports director.

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U92 Kicks Off 2023 Fall Semester with Orientation

On August 20, 2023 the U92 staff met in the Mountainlair for their fall 2023 orientation. The staff was comprised of many new and returning members of the station. They discussed ideas for the future of the station and what they can do to build upon its legacy.  

The on air staff separated into break out sessions to discuss DJing, sports broadcasting and news broadcasting. The promotion team spoke about branding and what they hope to accomplish this year. The staff is excited to get to work.

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A Letter from the Operations Manager

When I stepped onto campus at West Virginia University in 2019, my mission was to become a manager on the basketball team. There was not much else I wanted at the time. I talked to Josh Eilert of WVU Basketball and he told me that there were no spots left, and that I should join the radio station as that would be more conducive to my career goals.

He could not have told me a better thing to do. My freshman year was filled with U92 memories such as rambunctious sports nights on Wednesdays, the first 92ers intramural basketball team and getting together with the boys to watch various sporting events. The most pivotal moment of that year was starting my mixed martial arts podcast, Throwin’ Hands, which made me realize what I wanted to do in life.

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U92 wins two national recognitions for sports broadcasting

West Virginia University’s college radio station, U92 the Moose, finished first place in the voting for Best Audio Sports Show at the 2022 CBI National Student Electronic Media Convention (NSEMC) in Baltimore. 

“It’s an extremely fitting way to cap this era,” Alex Wiederspiel, U92 the Moose’s Broadcast Adviser, said. “These students persevered through a lot to be able to get to a point where broadcasting could feel normal during COVID-19. They went through a lot of rebuilding and soul searching over the past few years – and to come out the other side recognized not once but twice is a true credit to what they’ve been building.”

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