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Women's Bball Game Notes: Nov. 7, 2023

Game Notes: 

WVU led Loyola MD. 35-18, transfer Jordan Harrison from Florida State led  West Virginia in scoring with 12 points, JJ Quinnerly a First-Team Preseason All-Big 12 selection had 11 points, and transfer Lauren Fields from Arizona had six points. Kyah Watson had 4 rebounds and three steals for the Mountaineers. 

The Mountaineers shot an impressive 40% (12/30) from the floor and 50% from three (6/12), and five of six at the free throw line. New Head Coach Mark Kellogg had the offense and defense rolling, calling out play calls not only for the offense but for the defense as well. 

The team ended up winning the game with a final score of 74-39. Quinnerly finished with 19 points, three rebounds, one steal, and one assist. Harrison had 18 points, four rebounds, and two assists. Fields had 13 points, four rebounds, two assists, and two steals. 

They will play on Saturday at Pitt in the Backyard Brawl. This is the only true road game in the non-conference schedule for the Mountaineers this season. 

Our MVP of the Game: 

Kyah Watson, Brian always says that a lot of what she does on the court can’t be measured in stats. Coach Kellogg said similar things after the game as well. Watson had six points, three assists, and four steals. She makes an impact defensively and offensively for this team. 

Brian and Tannor’s Analysis: 

B: Quinerly and Harrison complement each other very well. Both are quick and can score at all 3 levels. They also facilitate the ball very well. Clean up some of the things around the rim, this team will be fine offensively. They have 3 players who can put up double digits a night. Need to get Blacksten more looks offensively. Kyah Watson is the glue to this team; does so many things that do not show up in the stat sheet. Jayla plays out of control. Harrison breaks the press; and does not get fazed by pressure. 

T: The defense from outside was strong in the first half, the Mountaineers forced 12 turnovers from the Greyhounds. Passing was good, missing open shots is not a sign of something bad. They were able to find open shooters consistently and that will bode well for them as the season progresses. The ability to create turnovers and then points off those turnovers will lead this team a long way. 

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