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Meet the Moose

U92's MooseNo one knows exactly how a moose became U92's mascot. While the state of West Virginia is known for its majestic mountains, moose do not call our state home. They are not indigenous to West Virginia, and no one has ever encountered one in the wild. We even checked the zoos. So why a moose?

According to one legend, the station was looking for a mascot, and the cheapest costume they could find was a moose. Another account says that a radio station had shutdown and the moose costume was sold off and somehow made its way to U92. Maybe some former DJ just liked moose and here we are. While its origins are unclear, the moose is nearly as old as U92- the first mention of a moose mascot was in 1983.

Today, you'll find the U92 moose roaming WVU's campus, hanging out at games, sitting in on classes and causing mischief. He's also spinning records at U92's new home at the Daily Athenaeum building, so stop by and you might have your own moose sighting. 

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