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U92 the Moose prides itself on playing a daily mix of fresh alternative music, along with news, sports, and specialty and curated genre shows. 

Program Details

The Morning Lift

The Morning Lift is a daily morning sports talk show brought to you by U92 the Moose’s sports staff. Have you ever wanted to take on the challenging role of morning talk? This is the show for you, as our hosts dissect everything going on in national and local sports.

Alternate Routes

Folk, Americana, bluegrass, gospel, and more. 

Artist Feature

A two-hour block dedicated to exploring the discographies of specific artists.

Audio Swamp

A two-hour all freeform program curated by Mike "The Swamp Rat" Russell. You could hear just about anything from the Rat's archives.

Beyond the Arc

U92 the Moose’s NBA podcast is on the air every Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. Hear the U92 Sports team break down the latest from The Association on-demand too!

Beyond the Binary

Our ode to female and non-binary musicians.

Blind Alley

A Sunday morning show dedicated to the blues.


It’s not just a phase at U92 the Moose. Tune in every Monday night at 10 p.m. as we dim the lights and bring Morgantown’s only emo show to the airwaves.  

First and Moose

Every Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. Mark Schoenster, Connor Taylor, and others will recap this week in the NFL and look ahead to Thursday night football and the upcoming week. Check out the podcast on-demand too!


Shoegaze dominates the airwaves Saturday night on U92 the Moose. 

Grooves of the Underground

Tristen explores house and trance music in this new show on U92 the Moose. 

Hit and Run

Get your baseball fix every Monday morning on U92 the Moose. U92’s sports department helps fuel the largest podcast network on the campus of West Virginia University. Hear great selections like Hit and Run every weekday morning between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. from undergraduate podcasters at WVU. You can also listen on-demand to any of these podcasts any time by checking out the front page of this website.

Losing Contact

Morgantown Sound

Local artists are always welcome to make submissions to our regular rotation curated by our Music Director, but they can also submit music to be played on Morgantown Sound, a two-hour show every Monday night at 8 p.m. Due to COVID-19, we’re not currently doing our normal concert series. But for our local bands looking for some airplay, this is the place for you.

Musical Passport

From the shores of Italy to the mountains of Mongolia, get your passport stamped and join us for a journey each week around the world as we delve into the music of a new culture, Tuesday night’s at 7 p.m.

New Music Pioneer

Every year, U92 is thrilled to feature a staff that features an overwhelming majority of undergraduate students. With nearly 90 percent of the staff being undergraduate students, we don’t always have every single time slot filled with an original show. In year’s past, that’s been a problem. Now, we have New Music Pioneer -- a collection of assorted songs curated by our Music Director spanning from the lore of college radio’s halcyon days in the 1980’s to modern and experimental sounds of 2020. 

The PolitiMoose Podcast

Our politics podcast hits the airwaves every Thursday. Listen to past episodes here.

Say Something Nice

Anthony and Griffin know that, sometimes, DJ’s can be a little too critical of music. So, okay, what if they actually had to say something nice? That’s the idea behind this one-hour music review podcast that you can hear every Monday afternoon at 2 p.m. or on-demand on your favorite streaming platform.

Studio 92

A countdown show announcing WWVU’s weekly Top 20 chart.

The Audio Swamp

Mike “The Swamp Rat” Russell invites you inside the swamp for unfiltered, freeform radio. 

The Classroom

I know, I know, you hate school and you hated assigned reading. That’s okay, we’ll do the reading. You just listen along for U92 the Moose’s first ever literature podcast, hosted by Haleigh Casto and Brett Dobransky. Hear new episodes Friday at 11 a.m. or on-demand on your favorite podcasting platform.

The Kickabout

Matthew Drabble hosts the only dedicated WVU women's soccer show in town every night at 6 p.m. during the women's soccer season.

The "Morning" Show

Let’s be real, who really wants to listen to a four-hour morning show that starts at 6 a.m.? And, besides, don’t you enjoy sleeping in? So wake up to our own irreverent take on a morning show, for one hour every weekday starting at noon.

The Otherworld

The Sportspage

The U92 Sports staff discusses and analyzes the latest in national sports. 

The Time Warp

Where we pay respect and broadcast Dylan, CCR and all those other cool dudes. It’s our spin on classic rock radio.

The Touchdown City Tailgate

The Touchdown City Tailgate is back for weekly updates on WVU Mountaineer football. 

The Underexposed

The dark depths of music history dug up and dragged on display. Drone, noise, psych, ambient, and more. It might not sound like music, but it is.

The Waiver Wire

Luke Wiggs leads an intrepid panel on a quest to help you win your fantasy football league. 

Vintage 92

For one hour every weekday morning, let U92 the Moose take you back in time to your college years as we curate vintage college radio artists like Radiohead, The Cure, R.E.M., Echo and the Bunnymen, Wilco, and much more. 

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