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u92 the moose college radio at wvu

Since 1982, U92 The Moose, WWVU-FM is the source of new music and broadcaster development at West Virginia University.

Day of Giving is March 3! Consider donating to U92 and help us build a new studio and buy much needed equipment. 

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the draft zone

The DraftZone

A podcast dedicated to drafting various celebrities, movie and TV characters, athletes, and much more while placing them in the most unlikely scenarios.

politi-moose podcast


College kids talk politics & what's happening around the world, and sometimes they're funny. Not Red, Not Blue, Just Moose.

say something nice

Say Something Nice

Anthony Wells and Griffin McMorrow are always honest, but at least they are required to say something nice in this music review podcast that finds the two U92 DJ's recommending music to each other in each episode. 

double take

Double Take

Join Mark and his brother James as they re-tell stories from high-intensity rivalries, thrilling madcap final moments of an NFL season, and much more.

throwin hands

Throwin' Hands

We talk a lot of UFC, previewing and reviewing fights. What about boxing? We preview and review big boxing matches, too. This is Throwin' Hands.

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