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2024 Pledge Drive

Thanks For Sharing the Love!
Total so far: $10,509

Our 2024 "Pledge Your Love to the Moose" marathon has ended, and thanks to your generous support, we more than doubled our fundraising goal of $5,000! We've got some exciting plans for our new studios we're hoping to build this summer, and we're excited to be able to send more students to some upcoming WVU tournaments happening this spring.

We're leaving our donation page active for a couple more days, so you still have time to donate if you missed our 36 hour marathon. Thanks for sharing the love!

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Special thanks to local businesses that kept us fueled

Our 36 hour marathon would not have been possible without the generous donations of food and fuel for our staff. If you get a chance, stop by some of these awesome businesses - it truely was an embarrassment of riches!

Smokin Js

Papa Jiohns

Chic Fil A

Black Bear Burritos

Terra Cafe 

Your support helps keep U92 independent and on the air

band at u92

U92 the Moose is an award-winning college radio station that has been on the air since 1982, providing valuable hands-on experience to students interested in radio broadcasting, including DJ's, sports play-by-play broadcasters, news broadcasters, podcasters, engineers and audio content producers. This important fundraiser supports that mission with purchasing new equipment, funding travel for sports broadcasts, hiring new staff members, and helping to build our new studios. 

Last year's donations went to student travel for play-by-play sports and conferences, equipment such as our new mobile podcast studio, new soundboards, mics, and other equipment needs. We also made upgrades to our studios including our new podcast studio being used for podcasts, sports shows and even broadcasting live U92 content. We also put some of those funds toward our new studio fund.

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