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2023 Pledge Drive

Thanks to your help, we made over $8800 in our "Pledge Your Love to the Moose" marathon- nearly double our goal of $3600!

While our pledge drive has eneded, you can still donate to the Moose anytime!

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The Moose is an award-winning college radio station that has been on the air since 1982, providing valuable hands-on experience to students interested in radio broadcasting, including DJ's, sports play-by-play broadcasters, news broadcasters, podcasters, engineers and audio content producers. This important fundraiser will support that mission with purchasing new equipment, funding travel for sports broadcasts, hiring new staff members, and helping to build our new studios.  

Marathon Schedule

We had some great programming during our 36-hour marathon, including interviews with President Gee, Mary the Mountaineer, WellWVU, the Carruth Center, The LGBQT+ Center, and much more! Check out a selection of our favorite segments below. 

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