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U92ers ready to shock the world

It’s that time of the year when the U92ers are gearing up for the Spring 2024 intramural basketball league. After a rough season last year, the crew is ready to turn things around for the franchise. Point guard Brian McQuillen “guarantees a win along with a playoff birth” this season. Let’s take a look at what the squad is looking like. 

Head Coach Tannor Enyart (Tann Man)

Unfortunately, Enyart has officially been placed on the hot seat after a 0-3 season last year. The front office brought Enyart back on a 1-year contract to give him one last chance to bring back the winning tradition to the organization. After costing the team a sportsmanship point last season, the front office will evaluate Enyart very closely game-by-game.

Coach Comparison: Bob Knight

Guard Brian McQuillen (The Big Mac)

Often referred to as “the basketball guy” or as Coach Enyart calls him “Mr. All County Player from Cresskill, New Jersey,” McQuillen looks to bring his basketball experience in high school to the court. The 6-foot-1-inch three-level scorer can do a little of everything but needs to elevate his play from last season. McQuillen was shopped around in the off-season, as the front office was looking for several first-round picks in return. Ultimately the organization decided to give McQuillen a new contract.

NBA Player Comparison: Trae Young

Guard Jonathan Hamilton (Sir Jonathan)

Hamilton is a sharpshooter who can heat up at any moment and also brings energy. When Sir Hamilton sank a three-pointer last season, Coach Enyart lost a sportsmanship point due to his reaction to the bucket. Hamilton lives by the basketball motto “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” He is just a pure bucket who will bring a spark to the squad.

NBA Player Comparison: Malik Monk

Guard Quinn Robie (The Chef)

While Robie may not have a ton of basketball experience in his career, he brings leadership and positive energy to the team. Unfortunately for Robie, he was left off of the preseason all-rookie team poll. He has a ton to prove this season, and experts expect him to have a large role with the team. Rumor has it that he is a better three-point shooter than Luke Blain, but only time will tell.

NBA Player Comparison: Erik Stevenson

Guard Cam Scott (Country Club)

Fans don’t know what to expect with the addition of Scott. Based on scouting reports, Scott will give this team another offensive boost with his ability to see the floor and make the right decision. His basketball IQ is like one never seen before. The rookie will have an immediate role with the team and will bring his golf skills and knowledge to the basketball court. Scott is one of the most promising young prospects in the league.

NBA Player Comparison: Kyle Lowry

Guard Rachel Libert (The Boss)

Libert also brings high school basketball experience to the team. As one of the leaders, Libert will help the franchise turn things around immediately. Libert’s ability to defend and score the basketball will go a long way for a team that struggled in those aspects of the game last season. As a new addition to the team, experts rank Libert and Scott as the two favorites for Rookie of the Year. She is on track to post the most minutes per game on average for a 92er ever. 

NBA Player Comparison: Darius Garland

Forward Luke Blain (The Paper Rose)

Blain is still living off his career-high 4-point game last season and has a ton to build off of. Blain has one of the best mid-range jump shots in the league and you can always see him cracking open a smile on the court, win or lose. Several teams called about Blain’s availability this offseason but his leadership took him off the trade block. 

NBA Player Comparison: Marreese Speights

Forward Aaron Parker (AP Style)

McQuillen and Parker faced each other in a matchup last season and it showed fans what they might be able to expect this season. Parker drained several three-pointers in that game, so scouts know he has deep range. He brings size to the table as well and will be one of the leading rebounders for the team.

NBA Player Comparison: Kristaps Porzingis

Center Tanner Mountz (Mountz Rushmore)

In his second season with the U92ers, Mountz has a smooth jump shot and ability to score in the post. As the leading rebounder last season, Mountz is a force in the paint and sets the tone defensively. As one of the favorites for defensive player of the year, Mountz has a lot of expectations going into the season.

NBA Player Comparison: Myles Turner

Forward John Dodaro (The Wait and See)

Dodaro brings outside shooting to a squad that desperately needed it after last season. His role will include rebounding and defending the post. Dodaro has scouts worried knowing he can heat up at any moment during the game

NBA Player Comparison: Austin Reaves

Forward Nico Caretto (The Young Stud)

Caretto is one of the best young defenders in the league, who can also facilitate the ball well offensively. He is a team player who will have a big role in his first season with the team. Caretto has a ton to offer for a young prospect.

NBA Player Comparison: Draymond Green

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