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Album Review: E3 by Midwxst

An underground hyperpop/rap/glitchcore/pop artist from Indianapolis Indiana known as Midwxst may have dropped an album in 2023 that flew under the radar of many. The album starts off with the song “lost” which has influences of Kanye West and others with the gospel chorus vocals throughout the song. However the lyrics on the song are still that of the angsty teen that Midwxst still is with the lyrics “Time has changed me/But I don’t think you cared.” This angst is seen all throughout the album as with the second song “pretty girls” Midwxst is both singing and rapping to a lost lover. With lyrics such as “So gone, I’m wasted/I still miss the way you tasted” and “Pretty Girls will drive you crazy.” 

The album itself feels as though it is just another teen angst album, however with a deeper listen the time and technique put into the production of the album may push it to another level. From the Kanye gospel, to the shades of glitchcore and hyperpop mixed with Midwxst’s raspy singing voice create a soundscape that entraps you within the sound created by the blending of multiple genres. 

Midwxst caps off the album with the song “ready for you” in which it feels as though he has grown up through the process of this album. Going from the songs Lost, and Pretty Girls which are filled with angst to this song in which Midwxst is still angsty, but is singing in a more serious nature talking about how he feels as though he used to be afraid of his future, but now he is ready for it. Although Midwxst has years of experience under his belt, he is still just 20 years old and is dropping his fourth ep BACK IN ACTION 4.0 sometime this summer. Be on the lookout for Midwxst over the next couple of years.

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