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Watch of the Week Edition 4: Sofia Coppola's The Virgin Suicides

Adolescent angst, misguided happiness, and faux maturity; these are just a few phrases that adequately detail this nostalgia driven coming of age monument from the wonderful Sofia Coppola. In her directorial debut, Coppola, establishes her mesmeric knack for storytelling through weaving perspectives, fitting needle drops, enchanting sequences, and by ultimately creating an aura of mystery and solace. It’s with these elements that set the stage for the plight of the five idelic daughters of the Lisbon family. As the title suggests, they all commit suicide, for reasons not entirely unknown yet not entirely too sure. Some could point to the set of rigid circumstances, enforced by their old fashioned, extremely strict religious parents. Or the pent up frustrations of hormone-fueled anxieties. Or possibly, it's the lack of understanding from their peers. Regardless of the source of their tragic and sudden end, The Virgin Suicides continues to prove to be a refreshing take on the “high school teen drama” flick twenty-two years later, nostalgia and all. 

Films I watched this week, 3/8 - 3/14:

The Virgin Suicides - Sofia Coppola: 4/5 

Pather Panchali - Satyajit Ray: 4.5/5 

The Departed - Martin Scorsese: 4.5/5

Megamind - Tom Mcgrath: 4/5

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