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U92 Interviews Dogleg

Aggression, emotion, and community: an interview with Dogleg

Just before performing their final song, Retirement Party lead Avery Springer teases the next band with a cheeky warning. “We’ve got Dogleg coming up next,” she says through a grin “so y’all better be prepared to mosh.” Dressed uniformly in t-shirts and jeans, the band takes the stage around 10 PM on a Monday night, bleeding a raw energy deserving of that disclaimer and then some. 

“I like emotional music,” says lead singer Alex Stoitsiadis, referring to the band’s debut full-length ‘Melee’. “I like music that tugs at you or pulls at you [...] and this album was a lot of processing angry and, like, emotional thoughts.” Within twenty minutes of the post-hardcore bands set, Alex has jumped off the stage- electric guitar-in-tow- to join a mosh-pit full of fans who seemingly relate to processing such feelings through this album. 

Despite their aggression and knotty emotional lyricism, the band plays with an unabashed joy for the act of performing. Fresh and at-home on the stage; they haven't missed a beat in the past year of a tourless pandemic. Though appreciative of their recent growth through a purely digital world, the band is clearly grateful for the chance to perform. After lighting up an unusually lively Monday night crowd, Alex informs me of their plans to continue touring into the fall. “That’ll make us feel ready to start writing and moving on from the record. Things are gonna start moving even more. Be on the lookout.” With the action seen on that Monday night one can only imagine what this band would look like once they start moving even more. Be on the lookout indeed

Checkout our full interview with Dogleg below!

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